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CGNS::Converged Class Reference

#include <cgns++.h>

Inherits CGNS::Stated.

Inherited by CGNS::Base, and CGNS::Zone.

Inheritance diagram for CGNS::Converged:

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Public Types

typedef iterator< IntegralDataIntegralData_iterator_t

Public Methods

ConvergenceHistory getConvergenceHistory () const
bool hasConvergenceHistory () const
void deleteConvergenceHistory ()
ConvergenceHistory writeConvergenceHistory (int)
FlowEquationSet getFlowEquationSet () const
bool hasFlowEquationSet () const
void deleteFlowEquationSet ()
FlowEquationSet writeFlowEquationSet ()
int getNumIntegralData () const
bool hasIntegralData (std::string const &iName) const
IntegralData getIntegralData (std::string const &iName) const
IntegralData_iterator_t beginIntegralData () const
IntegralData_iterator_t endIntegralData () const
void deleteIntegralData (std::string const &iName)
IntegralData writeIntegralData (std::string const &)

Protected Methods

 Converged (Private::Converged *iImpl)
 ~Converged ()

Detailed Description

Represents a SIDS base or zone node.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef iterator< IntegralData > IntegralData_iterator_t

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Converged Private::Converged *    iImpl [protected]

Creates this node from implementation data.

~Converged   [inline, protected]

Deletes this node and disables access via base pointers.

Member Function Documentation

IntegralData_iterator_t beginIntegralData   const

void deleteConvergenceHistory  

void deleteFlowEquationSet  

void deleteIntegralData std::string const &    iName

IntegralData_iterator_t endIntegralData   const

ConvergenceHistory getConvergenceHistory   const

FlowEquationSet getFlowEquationSet   const

IntegralData getIntegralData std::string const &    iName const

int getNumIntegralData   const

bool hasConvergenceHistory   const

bool hasFlowEquationSet   const

bool hasIntegralData std::string const &    iName const

ConvergenceHistory writeConvergenceHistory int   

FlowEquationSet writeFlowEquationSet  

IntegralData writeIntegralData std::string const &   

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