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CGNS::Base Class Reference

#include <cgns++.h>

Inherits CGNS::Converged.

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Public Types

typedef iterator< ZoneZone_iterator_t
typedef iterator< FamilyFamily_iterator_t

Public Methods

SimulationType getSimulationType () const
bool hasSimulationType () const
void deleteSimulationType ()
SimulationType writeSimulationType (SimulationType)
BaseIterativeData getBaseIterativeData () const
bool hasBaseIterativeData () const
void deleteBaseIterativeData ()
BaseIterativeData writeBaseIterativeData (int)
int getCellDimension () const
int getPhysicalDimension () const
int getNumZone () const
bool hasZone (std::string const &iName) const
Zone getZone (std::string const &iName) const
Zone_iterator_t beginZone () const
Zone_iterator_t endZone () const
void deleteZone (std::string const &iName)
Zone writeStructured1DZone (std::string const &iZoneName, int iVertexI)
Zone writeStructured2DZone (std::string const &iZoneName, int iVertexI, int iVertexJ)
Zone writeStructured3DZone (std::string const &iZoneName, int iVertexI, int iVertexJ, int iVertexK)
Zone writeUnstructuredZone (std::string const &iZoneName, int iNumVertices, int iNumCells, int iNumBoundaryVertices=0)
int getNumFamily () const
bool hasFamily (std::string const &iName) const
Family getFamily (std::string const &iName) const
Family_iterator_t beginFamily () const
Family_iterator_t endFamily () const
void deleteFamily (std::string const &iName)
Family writeFamily (std::string const &)
 Base (Private::Base *iImpl)

Detailed Description

Represents a CGNSBase_t structure.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef iterator< Family > Family_iterator_t

typedef iterator< Zone > Zone_iterator_t

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum SimulationType

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Base Private::Base *    iImpl

Creates this base from implementation data.

Member Function Documentation

Family_iterator_t beginFamily   const

Zone_iterator_t beginZone   const

void deleteBaseIterativeData  

void deleteFamily std::string const &    iName

void deleteSimulationType  

void deleteZone std::string const &    iName

Family_iterator_t endFamily   const

Zone_iterator_t endZone   const

BaseIterativeData getBaseIterativeData   const

int getCellDimension   const

Gets the cell dimension, i.e. segments, faces or cells.

Family getFamily std::string const &    iName const

int getNumFamily   const

int getNumZone   const

int getPhysicalDimension   const

Gets the physical dimension the cells live in.

SimulationType getSimulationType   const

Zone getZone std::string const &    iName const

bool hasBaseIterativeData   const

bool hasFamily std::string const &    iName const

bool hasSimulationType   const

bool hasZone std::string const &    iName const

BaseIterativeData writeBaseIterativeData int   

Family writeFamily std::string const &   

SimulationType writeSimulationType SimulationType   

Zone writeStructured1DZone std::string const &    iZoneName,
int    iVertexI

Writes a new structured 1D zone in this base and make it available.

Zone writeStructured2DZone std::string const &    iZoneName,
int    iVertexI,
int    iVertexJ

Writes a new structured 2D zone in this base and make it available.

Zone writeStructured3DZone std::string const &    iZoneName,
int    iVertexI,
int    iVertexJ,
int    iVertexK

Writes a new structured 3D zone in this base and make it available.

Zone writeUnstructuredZone std::string const &    iZoneName,
int    iNumVertices,
int    iNumCells,
int    iNumBoundaryVertices = 0

Writes a new unstructured zone in this base and make it available. 0 for iNumBoundaryVertices means unsorted vertices, otherwise the first iNumBoundaryVertices vertices are assumed to lie on the boundary of the geometry.

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