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CGNS::Zone Class Reference

#include <cgns++.h>

Inherits CGNS::Converged.

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Public Types

typedef iterator< GridCoordinatesGridCoordinates_iterator_t
typedef iterator< FlowSolutionFlowSolution_iterator_t
typedef iterator< DiscreteDataDiscreteData_iterator_t
typedef iterator< ElementsElements_iterator_t
typedef iterator< RigidGridMotionRigidGridMotion_iterator_t
typedef iterator< ArbitraryGridMotionArbitraryGridMotion_iterator_t
enum  Index { INDEX_I, INDEX_J, INDEX_K }

Public Methods

int getIndexDimension () const
bool isStructured () const
int getBoundaryVertices () const
int getTotalVertices () const
int getTotalCells () const
void getVertexDimensions (int *oVertexDimensions) const
void getCellDimensions (int *oCellDimensions) const
int getVertexDimension (Index iIndex) const
int getCellDimension (Index iIndex) const
GridCoordinates getGridCoordinates () const
bool hasGridCoordinates () const
void deleteGridCoordinates ()
GridCoordinates writeGridCoordinates ()
int getNumGridCoordinates () const
bool hasGridCoordinates (std::string const &iName) const
GridCoordinates getGridCoordinates (std::string const &iName) const
GridCoordinates_iterator_t beginGridCoordinates () const
GridCoordinates_iterator_t endGridCoordinates () const
void deleteGridCoordinates (std::string const &iName)
GridCoordinates writeGridCoordinates (std::string const &)
int getNumFlowSolution () const
bool hasFlowSolution (std::string const &iName) const
FlowSolution getFlowSolution (std::string const &iName) const
FlowSolution_iterator_t beginFlowSolution () const
FlowSolution_iterator_t endFlowSolution () const
void deleteFlowSolution (std::string const &iName)
FlowSolution writeFlowSolution (std::string const &)
FlowSolution writeFlowSolution (std::string const &, GridLocation)
FlowSolution writeFlowSolution (std::string const &, Rind1D)
FlowSolution writeFlowSolution (std::string const &, Rind2D)
FlowSolution writeFlowSolution (std::string const &, Rind3D)
FlowSolution writeFlowSolution (std::string const &, GridLocation, Rind1D)
FlowSolution writeFlowSolution (std::string const &, GridLocation, Rind2D)
FlowSolution writeFlowSolution (std::string const &, GridLocation, Rind3D)
int getNumDiscreteData () const
bool hasDiscreteData (std::string const &iName) const
DiscreteData getDiscreteData (std::string const &iName) const
DiscreteData_iterator_t beginDiscreteData () const
DiscreteData_iterator_t endDiscreteData () const
void deleteDiscreteData (std::string const &iName)
DiscreteData writeDiscreteData (std::string const &)
int getNumElements () const
bool hasElements (std::string const &iName) const
Elements getElements (std::string const &iName) const
Elements_iterator_t beginElements () const
Elements_iterator_t endElements () const
void deleteElements (std::string const &iName)
Elements writeElements (std::string const &, ElementType iElementType, int iElementsOnBoundary=0)
std::string getFamilyName () const
bool hasFamilyName () const
void deleteFamilyName ()
std::string writeFamilyName (std::string const &)
ZoneIterativeData getZoneIterativeData () const
bool hasZoneIterativeData () const
void deleteZoneIterativeData ()
ZoneIterativeData writeZoneIterativeData ()
ZoneGridConnectivity getZoneGridConnectivity () const
bool hasZoneGridConnectivity () const
void deleteZoneGridConnectivity ()
ZoneGridConnectivity writeZoneGridConnectivity ()
ZoneBC getZoneBC () const
bool hasZoneBC () const
void deleteZoneBC ()
ZoneBC writeZoneBC ()
int getNumRigidGridMotion () const
bool hasRigidGridMotion (std::string const &iName) const
RigidGridMotion getRigidGridMotion (std::string const &iName) const
RigidGridMotion_iterator_t beginRigidGridMotion () const
RigidGridMotion_iterator_t endRigidGridMotion () const
void deleteRigidGridMotion (std::string const &iName)
RigidGridMotion writeRigidGridMotion (std::string const &)
int getNumArbitraryGridMotion () const
bool hasArbitraryGridMotion (std::string const &iName) const
ArbitraryGridMotion getArbitraryGridMotion (std::string const &iName) const
ArbitraryGridMotion_iterator_t beginArbitraryGridMotion () const
ArbitraryGridMotion_iterator_t endArbitraryGridMotion () const
void deleteArbitraryGridMotion (std::string const &iName)
ArbitraryGridMotion writeArbitraryGridMotion (std::string const &)
 Zone (Private::Zone *iImpl)

Detailed Description

Represents a Zone_t structure.

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef iterator< ArbitraryGridMotion > ArbitraryGridMotion_iterator_t

typedef iterator< DiscreteData > DiscreteData_iterator_t

typedef iterator< Elements > Elements_iterator_t

typedef iterator< FlowSolution > FlowSolution_iterator_t

typedef iterator< GridCoordinates > GridCoordinates_iterator_t

typedef iterator< RigidGridMotion > RigidGridMotion_iterator_t

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Index

Enumeration for the different index dimensions.

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Zone Private::Zone *    iImpl

Creates this zone from implementation data.

Member Function Documentation

ArbitraryGridMotion_iterator_t beginArbitraryGridMotion   const

DiscreteData_iterator_t beginDiscreteData   const

Elements_iterator_t beginElements   const

FlowSolution_iterator_t beginFlowSolution   const

GridCoordinates_iterator_t beginGridCoordinates   const

RigidGridMotion_iterator_t beginRigidGridMotion   const

void deleteArbitraryGridMotion std::string const &    iName

void deleteDiscreteData std::string const &    iName

void deleteElements std::string const &    iName

void deleteFamilyName  

void deleteFlowSolution std::string const &    iName

void deleteGridCoordinates std::string const &    iName

void deleteGridCoordinates  

void deleteRigidGridMotion std::string const &    iName

void deleteZoneBC  

void deleteZoneGridConnectivity  

void deleteZoneIterativeData  

ArbitraryGridMotion_iterator_t endArbitraryGridMotion   const

DiscreteData_iterator_t endDiscreteData   const

Elements_iterator_t endElements   const

FlowSolution_iterator_t endFlowSolution   const

GridCoordinates_iterator_t endGridCoordinates   const

RigidGridMotion_iterator_t endRigidGridMotion   const

ArbitraryGridMotion getArbitraryGridMotion std::string const &    iName const

int getBoundaryVertices   const

Gets the number of boundary vertices. Zero if no info is available. Throws if structured.

int getCellDimension Index    iIndex const

Gets the number of vertices in each index direction.

void getCellDimensions int *    oCellDimensions const

Gets the number of vertices in each index direction.

DiscreteData getDiscreteData std::string const &    iName const

Elements getElements std::string const &    iName const

std::string getFamilyName   const

FlowSolution getFlowSolution std::string const &    iName const

GridCoordinates getGridCoordinates std::string const &    iName const

GridCoordinates getGridCoordinates   const

int getIndexDimension   const

Gets the index dimension, i.e. 1/2/3 for structured in 1D/2D/3D, 1 for unstructured.

int getNumArbitraryGridMotion   const

int getNumDiscreteData   const

int getNumElements   const

int getNumFlowSolution   const

int getNumGridCoordinates   const

int getNumRigidGridMotion   const

RigidGridMotion getRigidGridMotion std::string const &    iName const

int getTotalCells   const

Gets the total number of cells.

int getTotalVertices   const

Gets the total number of vertices.

int getVertexDimension Index    iIndex const

Gets the number of vertices in the given index direction.

void getVertexDimensions int *    oVertexDimensions const

Gets the number of vertices in each index direction.

ZoneBC getZoneBC   const

ZoneGridConnectivity getZoneGridConnectivity   const

ZoneIterativeData getZoneIterativeData   const

bool hasArbitraryGridMotion std::string const &    iName const

bool hasDiscreteData std::string const &    iName const

bool hasElements std::string const &    iName const

bool hasFamilyName   const

bool hasFlowSolution std::string const &    iName const

bool hasGridCoordinates std::string const &    iName const

bool hasGridCoordinates   const

bool hasRigidGridMotion std::string const &    iName const

bool hasZoneBC   const

bool hasZoneGridConnectivity   const

bool hasZoneIterativeData   const

bool isStructured   const

Asks whether this is a structured or unstructured zone.

ArbitraryGridMotion writeArbitraryGridMotion std::string const &   

DiscreteData writeDiscreteData std::string const &   

Elements writeElements std::string const &   ,
ElementType    iElementType,
int    iElementsOnBoundary = 0

std::string writeFamilyName std::string const &   

FlowSolution writeFlowSolution std::string const &   ,
GridLocation   ,

FlowSolution writeFlowSolution std::string const &   ,
GridLocation   ,

FlowSolution writeFlowSolution std::string const &   ,
GridLocation   ,

FlowSolution writeFlowSolution std::string const &   ,

FlowSolution writeFlowSolution std::string const &   ,

FlowSolution writeFlowSolution std::string const &   ,

FlowSolution writeFlowSolution std::string const &   ,

FlowSolution writeFlowSolution std::string const &   

GridCoordinates writeGridCoordinates std::string const &   

GridCoordinates writeGridCoordinates  

RigidGridMotion writeRigidGridMotion std::string const &   

ZoneBC writeZoneBC  

ZoneGridConnectivity writeZoneGridConnectivity  

ZoneIterativeData writeZoneIterativeData  

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