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CGNS::File Class Reference

#include <cgns++.h>

List of all members.

Public Types

typedef iterator< BaseBase_iterator_t
enum  OpenMode { WRITE, READ, MODIFY }
enum  SearchBaseDown {

Public Methods

 File (std::string const &iFileName, OpenMode iMode=READ, SearchBaseDown iSearch=STRICT)
 ~File ()
double getFileVersion () const
int getNumBase () const
bool hasBase (std::string const &iName) const
Base getBase (std::string const &iName) const
Base_iterator_t beginBase () const
Base_iterator_t endBase () const
void deleteBase (std::string const &iName)
Base writeBase (std::string const &iBaseName, int iCellDimension, int iPhysicalDimension)

Static Public Methods

double getLibraryVersion ()

Detailed Description

Represents an ADF file according to the CGNS specifications

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef iterator< Base > Base_iterator_t

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum OpenMode

Possible open modes

Enumeration values:
WRITE  Write only mode.
READ  Read only mode.
MODIFY  Reading and/or writing is allowed.

enum SearchBaseDown

How many levels deep to search for base nodes

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

File std::string const &    iFileName,
OpenMode    iMode = READ,
SearchBaseDown    iSearch = STRICT

Opens a CGNS database with specified open mode.


Destroys this CGNS database handle and close the file.

Member Function Documentation

Base_iterator_t beginBase   const

void deleteBase std::string const &    iName

Base_iterator_t endBase   const

Base getBase std::string const &    iName const

double getFileVersion   const

Gets the CGNS library version this file was created with.

double getLibraryVersion   [static]

int getNumBase   const

bool hasBase std::string const &    iName const

Base writeBase std::string const &    iBaseName,
int    iCellDimension,
int    iPhysicalDimension

Writes a new CGNSBase_t node and makes it available.

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