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CGNS::Dimensioned Class Reference

#include <cgns++.h>

Inherits CGNS::Node.

Inherited by CGNS::Arrayed, CGNS::DataArray, CGNS::FlowEquationSet, and CGNS::Stated.

Inheritance diagram for CGNS::Dimensioned:

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Public Types

enum  StandardUnits { SI_UNITS, CGS_UNITS }

Public Methods

bool hasLocalDataClass () const
bool hasLocalDimensionalUnits () const
MassUnit getMassUnit () const
LengthUnit getLengthUnit () const
TimeUnit getTimeUnit () const
TemperatureUnit getTemperatureUnit () const
AngleUnit getAngleUnit () const
DataClass getDataClass () const
bool hasDataClass () const
void deleteDataClass ()
DataClass writeDataClass (DataClass)
DimensionalUnits const & getDimensionalUnits () const
bool hasDimensionalUnits () const
void deleteDimensionalUnits ()
DimensionalUnits const & writeDimensionalUnits (DimensionalUnits const &)
DimensionalUnits const & writeDimensionalUnits (StandardUnits iUnits)

Protected Methods

 Dimensioned (Private::Dimensioned *iImpl)
 ~Dimensioned ()

Detailed Description

Represents a SIDS node possibly with DataClass_t and DimensionUnits_t subnodes.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum StandardUnits

Enumeration values:

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Dimensioned Private::Dimensioned *    iImpl [protected]

Creates this node from implementation data.

~Dimensioned   [inline, protected]

Deletes this node and disables access via base pointers.

Member Function Documentation

void deleteDataClass  

void deleteDimensionalUnits  

AngleUnit getAngleUnit   const

Gets the angle units applicable to this node.

DataClass getDataClass   const

DimensionalUnits const& getDimensionalUnits   const

LengthUnit getLengthUnit   const

Gets the length units applicable to this node.

MassUnit getMassUnit   const

Gets the mass units applicable to this node.

TemperatureUnit getTemperatureUnit   const

Gets the temperature units applicable to this node.

TimeUnit getTimeUnit   const

Gets the time units applicable to this node.

bool hasDataClass   const

bool hasDimensionalUnits   const

bool hasLocalDataClass   const

Asks whether there is a local DataClass_t subnode.

bool hasLocalDimensionalUnits   const

Asks whether there is a local DimensionalUnits_t subnode.

DataClass writeDataClass DataClass   

DimensionalUnits const& writeDimensionalUnits StandardUnits    iUnits

DimensionalUnits const& writeDimensionalUnits DimensionalUnits const &   

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