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ADF::File Class Reference

#include <adf++.h>

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Public Types

enum  Status { READ_ONLY, OLD, NEW, SCRATCH }

Public Methods

 File (std::string const &iFileName, Status iStatus=READ_ONLY, Format iFormat=NATIVE)
 ~File ()
Format getFormat () const
Node getRoot () const
std::string getVersionString () const
char getVersionMajor () const
int getVersionMinor () const

Static Public Methods

std::string getLibraryVersionString ()
char getLibraryVersionMajor ()
int getLibraryVersionMinor ()

Protected Attributes

Node mRootNode
double mRootId

Detailed Description

Represents a whole ADF file with a root node.

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum Format

The possible formats for numeric (i.e. real) data.

Enumeration values:
NATIVE  The native floating point format of the machine that creates the file.
IEEE_BIG  IEEE big endian floating point format.
IEEE_LITTLE  IEEE little endian floating point format.
CRAY  The native CRAY format.

enum Status

The possible open policies.

Enumeration values:
READ_ONLY  File must exist, writing is not allowed.
OLD  File must exist, reading and writing is allowed.
NEW  File must not exist.
SCRATCH  Temporary new file is created with a system name and deleted on exit or close.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

File std::string const &    iFileName,
Status    iStatus = READ_ONLY,
Format    iFormat = NATIVE

Open a ADF database with specified status and format. Format is ignored for iStatus==OLD and READ_ONLY.


Deleted this ADF database handle and all attached node handles.

Member Function Documentation

Format getFormat   const

Get the format this file is written in.

char getLibraryVersionMajor   [static]

int getLibraryVersionMinor   [static]

std::string getLibraryVersionString   [static]

Get the version of the library which is running. Format of the string is something like E01001.

Node getRoot   const

Get the root node of this file.

char getVersionMajor   const

int getVersionMinor   const

std::string getVersionString   const

Get the version of the library this file was written with. Format of the string is something like E01001.

Member Data Documentation

double mRootId [protected]

Node mRootNode [protected]

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