CGNS++ is an object oriented interface to provide access to CGNS (CFD General Notation System) databases. More information about CGNS can be obtained from The CGNS steering committee is aware of this project and may possibly adopt it as an official CGNS implementation in the future.

The primary goal of the library is to mimic the existing C and FORTRAN interfaces provided by in an object oriented manner. Fortunately, the underlying SIDS (Standard Interface Data Structures) are already object oriented and the database nodes therefore map easily to objects in C++.

Included is an object oriented interface to the low-level ADF calls, which abstracts the ADF C interface in a more C++-ish way. This ADF++ library is self-contained and may be used on its own.


Currently, the main functionality of the most important SIDS nodes is finished, and completion of the remaining implementation is underway. Development takes place on a GNU/Linux system, using the GCC C++ 3.0.4 compiler. Portability is verified on several other machines, namely MIPS, Solaris and PowerPC, using some version of GCC or the native compiler. A decent C++ implementation is strictly required.


A design document is available here. A user's guide will follow shortly. The source code is instrumented with doxygen comments, which results in a high quality on-line as well as printable documentation.


The current version (first public available) can be found here. The CGNS databases for testing are the examples from the CGNS website, packed conveniently here.


A Sourceforge project has been installed, where some more information about the history and statistics may be found. Bug reports, patches and feature or support requests can be filed there. If you want to contact the authors, please feel free to do so.
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